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Marcus A Johnstone is a specialist motor offence solicitor with particular expertise in speeding defence law. He has appeared on BBC television, BBC radio, and been quoted in national and regional press, including The Times. Marcus is a dedicated motoring lawyer and an expert in finding the legal ‘loophole’ for his clients on all road traffic law. He is widely known as ‘The Speeding Solicitor’ and by finding mistakes made by the police or the Crown Prosecution Service he is often able to stop cases ever reaching court.

As a dedicated road traffic law solicitor he has an exceptional success rate and represents all clients personally, handling your case from start to finish with the sole aim of winning. Marcus has specialist knowledge of speed camera law and is in demand throughout England and Wales. He can therefore represent you in any Magistrates’ Court.


  • Free initial advice
  • Specialists in motor offences
  • Excellent success rate
  • Friendly and personal contact
  • Many of our new clients are referred and recommended by existing clients
  • Other law firms also refer their clients to us in recognition of our expertise
  • We are specialist solicitors regulated by The Law Society


Initial advice, along with an assessment of your case, is free of charge. Marcus will explain all the available options open to you along with the costs involved. If you decide that you want him to represent you then he will take detailed instructions from you and commence working on your case immediately. Thereafter you will be dealing directly with him – a qualified solicitor with specialist experience in motoring law.

Marcus endeavours to keep legal costs as low as possible, often representing clients on a low fixed fee. This one-off, fixed fee, covers all the advice and preparation of your case, however long it takes to resolve! This way you will know at the outset what it will cost.

If Marcus wins your case (even where he convinces the prosecution drop it without even going to court) he will be able to request that his fees are paid from Central Funds. This means that you may not need to pay anything at all for his representation.


If you have had any dealings with other law firms, you may have found that much of your time was spent talking to receptionists, secretaries or unqualified caseworkers, rather than the actual solicitor representing you. Even some of the websites that you may already have looked at and who purport to offer advice on driving matters are not even law firms but simply middlemen who pass your details on to other firms for a commission.

Marcus A Johnstone works differently. Following an initial discussion of your case (which is free of charge) you will then be able to decide whether you want him to take on your case. If he agrees to represent you then from that moment on you will have Marcus’s direct mobile telephone number and will deal direct with him. Of course, you will still have the back up of an experienced law firm and be secure in the knowledge that, as a qualified solicitor, he is fully regulated by the Law Society.


As Marcus works personally with his clients, he is only able to accept a limited number of cases. This means that he is able to work more in-depth on your case and really understand your concerns. He believes it is only by him working personally with you, and therefore really getting to know every aspect of your case, are you able to have the best chance of winning.

Marcus will be pleased to represent you throughout England and Wales. However, his aim is to avoid you having to attend court at all. From the very early stages he will assess the strength of the police evidence and, by raising technical legal arguments and finding ‘loopholes’ in the prosecution’s case, he will attempt to convince the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to drop its case.

In many cases it is it is possible to avoid a court appearance totally. Marcus is often able to resolve cases via correspondence with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Consequently, only a small number of his cases ever reach trial. In cases where a court hearing is necessary then, as a specialist trial advocate, he can attend court personally to represent you.

For an informal discussion of your case please telephone Marcus on 07810 804464.  If you would prefer not to telephone, please complete the online assessment form or email


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