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Drink Driving Been Caught Speeding? Failing to Identify the Driver Driving with Mobile Dangerous & Careless Driving Points Totting Up

The Speeding Solicitor - Marcus A Johnstone 

Marcus A Johnstone is a specialist motor defence solicitor with particular expertise in speeding defence law and drink driving defence. He has appeared on BBC television, BBC radio and been quoted in the national and regional press, including The Times. He has appeared on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 discussing Gatso speed cameras. More recently, he was interviewed in the studios at BBC Radio 5 Live concerning motorway speed cameras.
Marcus is known for finding mistakes or ‘loopholes’ in the prosecution evidence. With a superb success rate he is in demand throughout England and Wales. He is able to represent you in any Magistrates’ Court.



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dangerous driving

  • drinkdriving2Drink Driving The police may have failed to complete the correct procedures. Breath tests, blood samples and urine samples must comply with the law. Free booklet on police ‘screw-ups’ available (add hyperlink). In addition, numerous defences and ‘special reasons’ arguments can be used to avoid a disqualification. Read More ›››
  • speeding3Speeding Was the speed camera calibrated? Laser devices (LTI 20.20, Pro Laser, Unipar SL700, Lastec, Concept DVD), Gatso radar cameras, average speed cameras and even time and distance equipment (VASCAR, PUMA, Cleartone) should be checked for accuracy. Free booklets on speed cameras available. Read More ›››
  • failingtoidentifythedriver2Failing to Identify The Driver Have you received a requirement to identify the driver (s.172 notice)? You may not even need to complete it! Defences are available and are widely used. Read More ›››
  • drivingwithmobilephone2Driving With A Mobile Phone Holding a mobile phone is not an offence. The police must prove that you were making or receiving a call. Did they obtain your your telephone records? Read More ›››
  • carelessdriving2Careless & Dangerous Driving When does excessive speed or an undertake become careless or dangerous driving? If defended properly, these offences can be difficult for the CPS to prove. Read More ›››
  • noinsurance2No Insurance Expecting 6-8 points or a ban? Did you know that defences and ‘special reasons’ may be available to you - no fine, no points and no ban. Read More ›››
  • pointstottingup2Points Totting-Up It is possible to avoid an ‘automatic’ 6 month ban if you reach 12 points. Raising ‘exceptional hardship’ can avoid a ban completely. Convincing the court to impose a short discretionary ban (2-4 weeks) may also be possible. Read More ›››
  • prosecutionNotice of Intended Prosecution Was the NIP sent to you by 1st class post and received within 14 days? Did your NIP correctly state the precise location, the type of vehicle and the law setting the speed limit? Your NIP may be unlawful. Read More ›››