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Drink driver is spared ban after court hears he was sleepwalking

May 30th, 2012 by Marcus

A motorist has spoken of his relief after escaping a driving ban for drink driving — because he was sleepwalking.

Police caught up with George Macdonald, after his worried spouse, Lillian, phoned to report that something was wrong with her husband.

The couple had enjoyed a few drinks at home after work before George went to bed at 11pm. At 3am, wearing only his underpants and nightshirt, he got into his vehicle and crashed into the garden fence, before driving to a cemetery car park.

He was twice the legal drink drive limit when he was breathaylsed but the court heard he had been sleepwalking.

Macdonald, pled guilty to drink driving but was let off with a £500 fine and nine penalty points.

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