Speeding fines

2,000 drivers caught speeding in just one week

Almost 2,000 motorists in one week were caught speeding across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight as part of a nationwide campaign on driving offences.

Results released from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight saw a total of 1,938 vehicles exceeding the speed limit.  403 were detected by Roads Policing Officers with the remaining 1,535 drivers caught by mobile or static speed cameras.

A breakdown of the results revealed 48 per cent caught speeding were offered a speed awareness course, 47 per cent were given a Fixed Penalty Notice.  One per cent were reported for summons.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit Sergeant Rob Heard, said: ‘Our focus on those who endanger lives on our roads is relentless through both enforcement and education.

‘Nearly half of those caught have been offered a National Speed Awareness Court as an alternative to prosecution.  This approach is aimed at improving knowledge and attitudes to influence better behaviour on the roads.

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