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Cheshire Police fit cameras to motorbikes to target dangerous driving

Cheshire Police are now using motorcycles equipped with cameras to record footage of dangerous driving.

As part of Cheshire Constabulary’s motorcycle campaign, Operation Caesar, Cheshire Police are reminding motorcyclists and drivers they face heavy penalties if they are caught speeding.

The new unmarked motorcycles come equipped with four cameras with the ability to record the view from the front, rear and sides of the motorcycle. 

Sergeant Rick Weaver of Cheshire Police Roads Policing Unit said, ‘These unmarked bikes pose a real threat to motorists who flout the rules of the road in Cheshire.

‘They look like any other motorbike you might see on the road but we can record any dangerous driving and use any evidence in court.’

One motorcyclist from Cheshire has already been convicted of dangerous driving after he was caught speeding from 0 to 120mph in a 60mph zone on the A54 near Winford.

The evidence from cameras onboard the unmarked motorcycle lead to the motorcyclist receiving 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months, 18 month disqualification, 100 hours community service and £345 costs.

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