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Dangerous driving campaign catches drivers racing at 134mph

A recent dangerous driving campaign on the M11 near Stansted Airport caught a driver on camera racing at almost twice the speed limit.

The vehicle was travelling at 134mph while a second vehicle behind was so close to it that its number plate could not be recorded on camera.

A total of 127 motorists were found to be speeding on the M11, with nine travelling at more than 100mph.

Motorists caught speeding were identified by officers or through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology and then escorted to check sites near Stansted Airport.

Four drivers had their vehicles seized after they were found to have no insurance and two had expired MOT certificates.

A total of 31 motorists were caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel and 61 were seen driving without seat belts.

The majority of motorists were offered a driver education course opposed to receiving a fixed penalty notice.

Essex Police casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe described the incident involving the racing drivers as an ‘appalling example of dangerous driving.’

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