A court has heard how a midwife was caught drink driving with a bottle of gin, tonic water and slices of lemon in her car.

Janice Hawke, was caught after a member of the public who was helping with her broken-down car, noticed she appeared to be drunk and phoned the police.

Plymouth Magistrates’ Court heard, when police arrived, they were stunned for find the bottles and lemon in her car and a breathalyser test was taken, which according to police read ‘extremely high’.  A later blood alcohol test at a nearby police station was refused.

Hawke, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen and will be sentenced later this month.

Bill LaHive, mitigating, added that she has sought help for her drink problem and was making good progress before the death of an uncle brought ‘matters to a head’.  He also added, Hawke had been able to combine her work in at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust with binge drinking.

 Read the full article here.

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