A ‘stressed out’ ex soldier has been caught drink driving while driving his vehicle to a police station to ask for help, but officers encounted the man heading towards them on the wrong side of the road.

Alois Ngolu, pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen, driving without insurance and without a license.

The former soldier, admitted to police he had been drinking but refused to take a breath test.

The court heard how he was recently discharged from the army after serving all over the world and was suffering the stress of army life. He previously telephoned police asking for help but got into his car while intoxicated and started to drive to the police station. When asked to give a breath sample, Ngolu, refused saying that he was ‘mental’.

Magistrates’ banned him from driving for 12 months, fined him a total of £220 and ordered him to pay prosecution costs of £85.

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