New figures have revealed, a motorist aged 90 and an alarming number of other drivers in their 80s have been sent on speed awareness courses in West Norfolk to change their speeding habits.

The motorists were among 1,927 drivers classed as ‘low-level’ speeders who chose to pay £84 to attend the speed awareness course last year rather than get points on their license or a fine.

Surprisingly, only three per cent of motorists who attended the courses were aged 21 or under, while a total of 56 motorists in their 80s attended the course.

More than 40 per cent who attended the courses were in their 40s and 50s, according to the new figures released.

Norfolk Police currently offer speed awareness course to motorists caught speeding at up to 42mph in a 30mph, 53mph in a 40mph zone and 75mph in 60mph zone.  Motorists travelling at higher speeds face prosecution.

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