Failing to identify the driver

‘Middle lane hogger’ issued with Traffic Offence Report

A ‘middle lane hogger’ driving at 50mph on the motorway was stopped by Greater Manchester Police for careless driving.

Traffic officers pulled over the motorist on the M60 near Ashton-under-Lyne in the early ours of this morning (4th September 2015).

A Greater Manchester Police patrol vehicle witnessed the vehicle travelling in the middle lane at 20mph under the speed limit for four miles.

GMP used their Twitter account to tweet a photograph of the vehicle with the message: ‘This driver stopped on M60 at Ashton. Had been ‘lane hogging’ at 50mph for four miles.  Traffic Offence Report issued.’

Traffic offence reports are issued by an officer who feels you may benefit from attending a driver awareness course as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice or a court summons. 

There is no specific offence for ‘lane hogging’, however it can be considered careless driving or inconsiderate driving.

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