Speeding fines

Motorists face ‘postcode lottery’ when picking up penalty points

Figures obtained through a Freedom of Information request have revealed a surprising difference in punishments for offences such as speeding or red light offences depending where you live.

Drivers in West Yorkshire are most likely to have their licence endorsed with penalty points, where driver awareness courses are given as an alternative to just 15 per cent of offenders.

Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire and London are the next most severe, with just a quarter of drivers offered awareness courses.

In contrast, eight in ten motorists in Merseyside choose to take a driver awareness course rather than accept penalty points.

Motorists in Norfolk, Essex, Northamptonshire and Suffolk were next best for avoiding points.

Some police forces such as Humberside and Norfolk offer seven different types of courses ranging from speed awareness and seatbelt courses to driver behaviour and specialist motorcycle only classes. Wiltshire Police Force currently only offer one alertness course.

How Police Forces Compare

Areas least likely to offer driver awareness course:

  • West Yorkshire 15.3%
  • Cambridgeshire 22%
  • Nottinghamshire 24%
  • City of London 26%
  • Gloucestershire 33%

Areas most likely to offer driver awareness course:

  • Merseyside 79%
  • Norfolk 66%
  • Essex 61%
  • Northamptonshire 54%
  • Suffolk

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