The number of speeding drivers caught by cameras in the Thames Valley area rose by 40,000 last year.

Police issued 148,378 speeding tickets in 2011 compared to 113,361 in 2010, with one motorist being caught doing 142mph in a 70mph zone.

Figures have shown that the oldest drive to be caught was a 99-year-old traveling at 38mph in a 30mph limit.

The rise in the number of motorists caught comes after Oxfordshire’s speed cameras were turned off in 2010 to save the county council £600,000 a year, but the cameras were switched back on in 2011after the number of deaths rose by 50 per cent.

Out of the speeding fines issued in 2010, 40,450 were paid, generating £2,427,000. With £2,426,520 raised so far from last years fines.

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