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North Yorkshire Police earn £1 million from speeding motorists

North Yorkshire Police earned almost £1 million from speeding motorists across the region in 2014, new figures have shown.

Figures, released under an audit of the accounts of the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, show the force received more than a million pounds last year including funds from the Highways Agency.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said: ‘Police forces do not receive any income from speeding penalties – this all goes to the treasury.

‘However, North Yorkshire Police does receive some income from Speed Awareness Courses.  In 2014, North Yorkshire Police received £957,000 from this source.’

In 2014, 34,394 drivers were offered speed awareness courses after they were caught by three of the forces mobile speed camera vans.

This year, three more camera vans have been introduced and 34,424 drivers have been offered the speed awareness course to the end of August.

The findings also revealed the cost of the new camera vans – a total of £125,238.  This saw £84,877 spent on buying and converting the vans, £8,600 on the support vehicle, £8,941 on cameras and £22,820 spent on offices and IT equipment for the new unit.

North Yorkshire Police’s Traffic Management Unit also paid £31,879 to lease equipment for speed camera vans.

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