Thinking about pleading guilty to a speeding offence?

So you think you are ‘banged to rights’? Is all the evidence against you watertight? Perhaps you have admitted the offence to the police? Are you just thinking of pleading guilty to get the matter over with?

Before you just decide to plead guilty why not ‘offer a deal’? With a little persuasion via your solicitor it is relatively easy to convince the prosecution service to reduce the charge or reduce the speed in return for a guilty plea.

In a recent case I represented a motorist who was caught speeding at 125mph on a motorway. It was difficult to defend because he had already admitted the offence when stopped by the police. At 125mph he was facing a lengthy ban. However, a simple request to the prosecution service to alter the speed to 105mph in return for a guilty plea resulted in, guess what, the speed being ‘reduced’ to 105mph. We then made representations to the court and managed to avoid a ban. I was also able to negotiate prosecution costs down to just £65.

It is also possible to ‘negotiate’ dangerous driving down to careless driving, or careless driving to speeding. In addition, if you have been charged with two or more offences it may be possible to ‘lose’ offences totally! I recently represented a client who had been charged with four motoring offences. I offered a plea of guilty to just one offence (which he had previously admitted) on the basis that the others would be dropped. As if by magic the other three charges disappeared!

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