A Police Community Support officer has asked a court not to ban him after being caught speeding for a fifth time.

PCSO Dave Johnson, already has nine points on his licence and could face a driving ban which could cost him his job.

Johnson, yesterday before magistrates in Burnley to plead exceptional hardship and try to keep his license.

He was caught doing 37mph in a 30mph zone last year.  This was the fifth time he had been caught speeding since 2008 and has received three points on his licence on three occasions and completed a speed awareness course on the other.

The court heard how, Johnston, covers a rural area of Burnley and any form of ban could have a serious impact his duties. He has also been made aware that there is a possibility he could lose his job if he couldn’t transfer to another patch where he did not need to drive.

The case was adjourned until May 17 for Johnson to obtain information from his bosses about the impact of a driving ban on his job.

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