Should I instruct a specialist motoring offence solicitor?

It goes without question that traffic law exists to safeguard against reckless and dangerous driving for the benefit of all. The police generally do a solid job of catching and prosecuting those individuals who breach these regulations and bring them to justice for endangering themselves and others. There are however occasionally extraneous circumstances which lead individuals to commit motoring offences for which they are punished regardless of an absence of intent.

On very rare occasions, the authorities may exercise lenience on compassionate grounds when it comes to the penalty for a motoring offence, but this is far from the norm. The odds of avoiding a ban or hefty fine for speeding or similar can however be stacked in your favour. Unknown to the majority of drivers, there are an array of specialist solicitors whose primary sphere of activity is defending against, disputing and ultimately lessening the blow of prosecution for motoring offences.

These experts are fully versed in the intricacies of motoring law and use their knowledge and experience to help clients to avoid heavy penalties. Astonishingly, the rate of success the more talented ‘speeding solicitors’ achieve is incredibly high, with many cases of prospective bans reduced to small fines and even offences dropped entirely…despite evidence from the police.

The techniques they use vary from case to case, but even if the defendant accepts the charge, negotiations to lower the alleged speed can often be very effective in the courts, particularly when punishment is concerned. Very often the intervention of a professional motoring offence solicitor can prevent cases from even reaching court, if for instance the prosecution are unable to obtain all documentation required to produce a successful case at court. Through this activity, exercising knowledge of evidential, procedural and legal technicalities and highlighting errors (however minor) on the part of the prosecution or police, many cases are dropped entirely prior to entering the courtroom. It is not just speeding charges which can be challenged, using a mobile phone whilst driving can be disputed, as can failure to comply with traffic signs and signals, drink driving and myriad other offences.

Although it is justified that laws prohibiting such activities are in place, for many individuals a lapse of judgement could result in a ban which damages their very livelihood. The key to avoiding motoring offences is of course to drive within the law. But for those instances when the driver has made an error or simply been accused of committing an offence, Speeding Solicitor are here to prevent the mistake from resulting in stressful and excessively damaging consequences.

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