Speed limiters fitted to all new cars by 2022

Speed limiters fitted to all new cars by 2022

Speed limiters fitted to all new cars by 2022

New rules provisionally agreed by the EU make speed limiting technology mandatory for all new vehicles sold in Europe from 2022. The department of transport have said that despite Brexit the
system will also be applied to the UK. 

There were 1,770 road deaths in Great Britain in the year ending June 2018 (Department of transport, 2018). The new legislation aims to cut that figure significantly, with Road safety charity Break welcoming the move calling it a “landmark day for road safety”. 

How does it work?

Intelligent Speed assistance (ISA) is able to calculate the exact speed a car is travelling through GPS technology in combination with digital mapping. The system also allows on-car cameras to integrate speed limit information from road signs. 

The ISA system can then automatically slow down the car or alert the driver to prevent speeding. The system can be overridden temporarily for over-taking manoeuvres by pushing down hard on the accelerator. It is envisaged the system will be fitted with an off-switch although this will likely lapse upon vehicle restarts.

What does this mean for me?

The notion of ‘big-brother’ stepping in to monitor and control speed upsets many drivers despite optional override features being available. Considering this, the new legislation also calls for the instillation of compulsory data recorders, or ‘Black boxes’. Meaning if you are involved in an accident the police and insurers will know what speed you were traveling at the time of the incident.

Some fear that the current technology used is not sufficiently advanced to enable the system to work effectively. Despite this the Association of British insurers backs the measure stating, “Any steps that can be shown to make our roads safer, reducing road crashes and insurance claims, can be reflected in the cost of motor insurance.”

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