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  • The quick summary is, you must contact MAJ Law as soon as possible, without hesitation. They won my case, and I couldn’t have done the same by myself.
    I understand now that speeding cases are stressful, and presented to us in a confusing language we cannot understand. Unfortunately, they can be false allegations in the first place; police are humans and make mistakes.

    I received a notice alleging that I was speeding well over the 70mph limit. I knew the allegation was false, however, there is no way it can be denied, at least not if I was to respond by myself. It felt like I was being lead to admit to a crime I cannot have committed. So, I contacted MAJ Law.

    MAJ Law dealt with my case effortlessly. They responded to the CPS promptly and professionally, without the mistakes I know I would have made. My solicitor and her team did a great job handling all notices, reports and summons letters, in the first instance. This put my case in a very strong position, but more importantly, removed all my stresses, as I was re-assured at every step.

    CPS made their errors (including back-dating reports). However, it’s not so simple to rely on such issues.

    At the court hearing, MAJ Law provided an amazing barrister. His professionalism, advice, patience and ability to deal with such a case, was excellent in every way. There is no way I could have argued with the prosecutor and police witness, who seemed to be surprisingly getting support from the court! To them, I was guilty. My barrister’s persistence, great attention to detail, and unwillingness to allow any unfairness, is what won the case. I cannot stress how grateful I am and that this was his win.

    Financially, if I had lost the speeding case, the fine alone would have been as much as all my legal fees. Adding to that the disqualification and points, I could have lost my job, and paid even more, such as at least double my insurance premium every year.

    MAJ Law’s support was very important for me. Contacting them was the BEST decision I made.

  • When I received a letter from Warwickshire Police alleging that I had been caught doing 62mph in a 30mph zone I was understandably concerned. Having never faced an allegation like this, I immediately started to worry about the prospect of a driving ban and the enormous, detrimental effect this would have on my life. I was poised to simply plead guilty, but on the advice of my partner, and a friend who had used Marcus before, I decided to make a preliminary phone call to find out what my options were. I expected to hear that my chances of avoiding a ban were pretty much non-existent and that I should accept the penalty. On the contrary, when speaking to Kate on the phone, she pointed out to me that, until we had seen the evidence against me, we should not accept any liability. She explained that the only way to see the evidence was to plead not guilty and then examine the case against me.

    So I decided to enlist the services of Marcus and his team and asked them to submit a not guilty plea on my behalf. I did not have to deal with a scrap of paperwork after my first phone call with them, as they took care of all of it for me. For a busy man like me, this in itself was a massive weight off my shoulders. To cut a long story short, we proceeded to trial to dispute the evidence against me. The CPS prosecution was woefully under-prepared. Marcus was able to have their main body of evidence disallowed, meaning that the actual trial took about 10 minutes and resulted in the magistrates throwing the case out. They didn’t even leave the room to deliberate! It took them about 30 seconds to reach that conclusion. To say I was relieved would an understatement!

    From the very start, I have found the service provided by the team at Speeding Solicitor to be absolutely first class! They should be proud of the way they conduct themselves and the way they are always on hand to answer queries and settle fears surrounding what is a rather stressful prospect of a driving ban. I even spoke to Marcus on a Sunday – this goes well above and beyond what I would expect from a firm of solicitors who are usually too busy playing golf to take calls outside of office hours! Ultimately, they took the stress off my shoulders and dealt with the case from their end, meaning that I didn’t need to get involved in the paperwork etc.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Marcus and the team. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do I will be on the phone to them straight away. Well worth the investment for a team who really know what they are doing!

  • Young Kate and her associates did a brilliant job for me with the Devon and Cornwall police. I went to their web site and filled in the contact us and got a phone call within an hour.
  • I would recommend MAJ Law to anybody, reducing my potential points from 12 to just 3 was a great outcome , MAJ Law are a professional company who I would definitely use again.
  • My case was on the face of it very simple, I had been accused of speeding which had been photographed by automatic camera. However the Police had failed to issue the paperwork correctly; I had not been asked who the driver was or given any evidence that I was in fact speeding. This was obvious from the start but the Crown Prosecution still persisted with the prosecution and in my view tried to bully me into admitting the offence.

    After speaking to a number of solicitors I then spoke to Marcus who very quickly gave me the confidence in his representation. He specialises in these kind of issues and I felt he would be my best possible advocate.

    Despite his arguments prior to the Court date, the case went to court. At court the Crown Prosecution were not able to present all their evidence so the case was adjourned to another date despite our protests. At the second hearing the Crown again proceeded despite little or no evidence and I certainly had the feeling that the head magistrate thought I was guilty before the case started, I was not optimistic.

    Despite all these issues Marcus was excellent and presented some key evidence during the trial that even this Court could not ignore and, as a result of his skill, I was acquitted on all charges and awarded costs. Without his representation I am sure I would have lost the case, his specialised knowledge made the difference over a general solicitor.

    I now have the firm belief that cases such as this are not fair, they are undoubtedly in favour of the prosecution not the defence, I am just very glad he was representing me.

    Mr FTitle
  • Just wanted to let you know the Crown Court ruled in my favour and my exceptional hardship appeal hearing and I got to keep my licence. I’d also like to thank you for your work towards it and for preparing it all in such a short timescale. My barrister was great and did an excellent job at representing me and I’m sure I wouldn’t have got this outcome had I represented myself, so thanks again for all your help and hard work, it’s very appreciated.
  • Dear Kate, thank you a million for the letter sent to the court with my written representations. The thought of court for me is terrifying and I could not explain myself as you have. You remained empathetic throughout my case and showed compassion towards my daughters illness. Thank you putting everything so professionally and for your support.
    Ms E.KTitle
  • My barrister, Ashley Barnes, was excellent and dismantled the polices robust system peace by peace hope I’ll never need him again but will definitely recommend you all. Once again thanks for the great work you did!
    Mr P.DTitle
  • I would like to state how pleased I am at your company’s way of handling this speeding case. Your advice and strategy here was invaluable and I was very happy and relieved when the CPS finally accepted they didn’t have the required evidence. Your strategy was absolutely correct from the outset and I have no doubt that had I been in court unrepresented, I would of lost my licence, many times.
  • This is the second occasion I had need to instruct Marcus in respect of a speeding matter, this time though I was merely flashed by a Gatso at 9mph over the limit. I wanted to keep points off my licence though and knew Marcus achieved a successful result for me few years prior.

    There was a problem in getting the CPS to disclose all the evidence in advance of the case and Marcus said that if they didn’t disclose it then he would argue in court that their evidence couldn’t be admissible.

    At court, Marcus had an initial conversation with the CPS lawyer, who it subsequently turned out was an agency lawyer, yes, the CPS have sacked their lawyers to save money, and use agency staff, so is likely there was room for poor evidence on the part of the prosecution.

    During the hearing the CPS tried to vacate (adjourn) the trial as their witness was on holiday. Marcus persuaded the bench to reject the CPS request as they had already asked for an adjournment a week earlier and failed, so the trial went ahead.

    From that point on, Marcus seemed to own the courtroom, advising the CPS lawyer what evidence he couldn’t use as it had been disputed by him a few days previously. The CPS lawyer didn’t have a complete file with him with key letters missing from Marcus, so when the CPS was asked to offer evidence he said he didn’t have any to offer and the Magistrates immediately dismissed the trial!

    Excellent work once again from Marcus whose in depth knowledge use of the law seemed to rule over the CPS who are just hell bent on a conviction and it is obvious would run roughshod over the Courts rules, their own guidelines and the law itself had I not been properly defended.

    Interesting stuff, I learn’t a lot, and certainly learn’t not to take points and fines on the chin.

    Justice was done. Thanks Marcus.

  • I would like to thank you and your team for the advice, help and support you have given me over this matter. I am in no doubt that your involvement speeded up the process dramatically and achieved the desired result.

    I would again like to thank you for all your help. It certainly made a very stressful time much easier to contend with. Knowing someone else had a grip of this case was a huge weight off my mind. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone else in the future.

    Once again, thank you for your help.

  • I contacted Marcus Johnstone at Speeding Solicitor in October 2012 after being charged with speeding and failing to identify the driver. The police informed me I would receive up to 6 points for speeding and 6 points for failing to identify the driver. I was facing a long disqualification as I already had 11 points on my licence.

    I was amazed at how quickly Marcus was able to identify problems and mistakes with the police evidence. Marcus and his team were superb throughout – putting my mind at ease. I was able to call Marcus direct at any time of the day, even at weekends.

    Marcus dealt with everything – handling all the procedure and dealing with the police, the prosecution service and the court. Marcus clearly explained to me why he felt we had a strong case and laid out all the options. He also explained to me what the CPS would likely do with the case. Despite Marcus writing to the CPS and pointing out deficiencies in their case, the CPS would not drop the case and it appeared that they were determined to try and convict me.

    The case came to trial on 1st March 2013. Marcus represented me at court and he completely demolished the prosecution. Marcus was able to highlight numerous errors with the evidence. Marcus forced the prosecution to accept it did not have the correct evidence to prove the speeding offence so this one was dropped. Then Marcus explained to the court why the evidence relating to the failing to ID the driver charge was inadequate.

    The magistrates found me not guilty and awarded me costs from central funds.

    I cannot recommend Marcus and his team highly enough. I would advise anyone with a motoring problem to contact Marcus and take advice. Just one phone call to Marcus and you will know exactly where you stand – and there is no charge for his telephone advice.

  • I just want to say that I can not thank you, Gareth, Neil and the rest of your team enough for the pivotal role you played in the dropping of my case last week. Please accept this testimonial with complements. It is the very least I can do in return.
    Thank you again and my highest regards.
  • I was allegedly caught exceeding a 40mph speed limit by a significant margin and on receiving a Notice of Intended Persecution (no, that wasn’t a typo), I was prepared to accept a fixed penalty and points on my licence, draw a line under it and move on. I was horrified to learn soon after sending back the completed N.I.P. that the case was being referred to the Magistrates for a possible ban, despite an otherwise unblemished driving record and clean licence in over twenty years of driving.
    I immediately sought legal advice and was fortunate enough (although I didn’t quite realise it at the time!) to stumble across Marcus’s website. Backed by a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in traffic law, an impressive track record of successful defences and a disturbing insight into why motorists are so often wrongfully prosecuted without sufficient evidence against them, Marcus inspired me to plead not guilty to the alleged offence and challenge it. It was the best decision I could have made. There’s little point in going into detail here, needless to say that the case was eventually dropped, just days before it was due to go to trial. The reason? Insufficient evidence against me, as Marcus had so succinctly explained to me throughout my ordeal.
    Marcus and his legal team have shown me nothing but courtesy, understanding and professionalism throughout. They kept me informed and updated on every development, without me having to keep chasing. All fees were explained upfront in a concise manner so there were no surprises and no unexpected costs.
    Highly experienced, highly professional and highly recommended!!!!
  • Sorry its took so long for me to send this!

    Would just like to say thanks for all your hard work on my behalf. You really did help explain what would happen and reassure me along the way regarding the court case.

  • Thank you for the professional way in which you and your team handled my case, every question I had at every stage was not only answered but explained so that I understood. As this was my first ever ‘trouble’ with the police and experience of a court summons there were quite a few questions.

    I was pulled over for speeding at an alleged speed of 107 in a 60 on my motorcycle and from the moment the officer told me the speed that his hand held laser had recorded I knew that there was no way I was going that fast. I was looking at a long ban and hefty fine but thanks to you and the manor in which you delt with the CPS and magistrates the case was dropped and an application to recover at least some of the fees was approved. Thank you for achieving the best possible outcome for me.

    You have an excellent reputation, which is why I chose to ask you to represent me, and it is very well deserved.

  • Just wanted to wish you, Karen and the other guys that I spoke to in the office a VERY Happy New Year!! I know its a tad late but December is a killer month for me and I´m writing this from a well earned holiday.

    I still have a card at home which I never sent and as yet haven´t posted a testimonial, I have tried many times but they either sound really cheesy or for me anyway almost celebrate not getting charged for drink driving which is difficult to promote?

    However on my return I will endeavor to finally find the right words for you to use on your site and would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for everything that culminated in charges dropped on Thursday 18th August 2012.

    Your probably quite busy after the merry Xmas period, so good luck with everything, speak soon!

  • Marcus has been a great help with my drink driving case, which he helped to get thrown out of court and awarded costs due to lack of evidence and a false statement. Marcus really knows what he is doing and pursues all the details looking for faults within the prosecutions case. He is easy to get in touch with when you need to speak to him and he is great to talk to. This is the second time I have used him and would recommend anyone to use him if they want to win a case.
  • Thank you for your work today. Your assessment of the facts and the position of the CPS was absolutely perfect. I am very impressed by the way that you and your team have conducted the communication and organisation of the preparation necessary for the trial today. It would be hard not to notice the commitment and thoroughness of your team. They have all made me feel confident and informed throughout.

    The communication was excellent and I would recommend your services to anyone wishing to defend a speeding allegation from a speed camera. I have to say your knowledge of the processes and legal requirements is very impressive – I am certain that you had more knowledge than anyone in the court today. I think that this was also obvious to the Magistrates, their legal advisor and the prosecution.

    I was astonished that all of these parties sought your knowledge of the law even though some of them were in opposition!

    Anyone witnessing this would have probably only been able to draw one conclusion; that you had control of the entire process from start to finish and predicted what would happen in relation to each of your points without fault or exception.

    I would be very happy to write a version of this testimonial for your website and focus on any area which you think would capture the attention of any prospective clients.

    In a few words ….. impressed and delighted.

  • This is the second case Marcus Johnstone has defended me in court for a alleged motoring offence. This is also the second time Marcus has managed to convince the Magistrate’s that I was not guilty of the alleged offence.
    I was accused by North Wales Police of using my mobile whilst driving, Marcus used his specialised knowledge in motoring defence and his experience to secure a not guilty verdict.

    Once again thank you to Marcus and everyone that has worked on my case – Greatly appreciated!!

    Cheers Marcus!

  • I still laugh about one thing on the day of the trial I haven’t told you about, that demonstrates the CPS’s inability to prepare for a trial.

    The prosecutor that turned up to court was a different woman again from the previous hearing. When she arrived to check-in at reception she said to the clerk “Hi I am here for the xxxxxxx trial, is he being represented by a duty solicitor?” I thought to myself thank F I’m not!

    After all the months this case has taken, and all the letters you sent to the CPS, she didn’t even know I was represented by a specialist firm. She obviously had not even read the file prior to attending court for the trial!

  • After being caught at 108mph in 70mph I was certainly facing a ban for a considerable amount of time. Due to the nature of my job this would mean not only loosing my license but also probably loosing my job.

    I contacted Speeding Solicitor and spoke to Marcus direct who advised me of several options I could take in the defence of the alleged speeding.

    Due to Marcus’ professional advice I decided I would use Marcus to represent me.

    This week I appeared in front of a Magistrates Court, after a long-winded day (due to the courts) I eventually was put in front on the Magistrates. The CPS lawyer expressed his prosecution evidence to which Marcus followed up with the defence evidence. (Which blew the CPS out of the water!!)

    Marcus’ knowledge in this area meant he managed to convince the Magistrates that I was not guilty of the alleged offence and that the evidence present to the court did not prove beyond reasonable doubt I was guilty.

    If any one is considering seeking legal help regarding any Speeding Offence I will happily recommend Marcus Johnstone the Speeding Solicitor.

    I would like to say a BIG thank you to Marcus and his legal team at the office for all their hard work and effort they have put in.

  • I was targeted by metropolitan police using a hand-held Prolaser 3 in the summer of 2011. The device measured me travelling at nearly 70 mph on an urban dual-carriageway with a 40 mph limit. Although I strongly believed the reading to be wrong, I was told by the policeman to expect points on my licence, (hefty) fines, and a disqualification (due to the high speed recorded by the device and court guidelines).

    After a little research and with a strong belief that the speed measuring device was wrong I decided to challenge the evidence and contacted Marcus to discuss my case.

    On initial consultation over the phone Marcus made time to speak with me and clearly explained what to expect; the processes I would be put through and options I may be presented with if I wanted to challenge the allegation, including projected legal costs.

    Although the law and legal process are prohibitively expensive for ordinary working people to challenge, I decided to go ahead (Marcus agreed to work on a fixed fee). I trusted my judgement and believed I had been targeted unfairly and erroneously. The family supported me and agreed I should go ahead despite financial risks of challenging the allegation.

    The case took 8 months to reach a London magistrates court during which time Marcus up-dated me as appropriate. Unfortunately Marcus’s letters for disclosure from the CPS did not receive the courtesy of any response although from what I have discovered this appears to be the CPS norm.

    The first court date arrived in winter as the UK was under snow and London in a freeze. Marcus had to travel down a distance to London in atrocious weather but was completely organised and reliable on the day. We met early and Marcus talked me through expectations.

    Marcus liaised with court officials on my behalf. Marcus spent the morning discussing probabilities CPS prosecution evidence, or the lack of it. The CPS eventually agreed it did not have the required evidence and the case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence. We were also awarded costs from central funds – granted by the court (i.e. Marcus’s fees are refunded to me by the government).

    This trial result is a big relief at the end of nearly a full year of waiting and not knowing with all its inherent stress. Marcus’s technical knowledge and legal skills were fully utilised in gaining the final result of not guilty; my anxieties and misgivings through the legal and judicial process were significantly calmed by knowing Marcus was on my side and looking after my interests.

    At all times Marcus’s experience and skills were evident. I additionally feel that his presence at court also protected me in ways that are not so clearly defined. For example Marcus observed court proceedings throughout the day and was very thorough in acquiring a ‘sense’ of the court, the methods and personalities working there. I believe Marcus’s experienced approach to the court environment, his knowledge and ability to think on his feet, provides Marcus with additional strategic information to support his clients and apply skills to win your case or significantly reduce punitive outcomes such as points, disqualification, or fines.

    My experience of staff at Marcus’s office is just as good, they were always helpful, professional, polite, and considerate in managing my case. If you are confronted by motoring offence allegations and feel that you have been treated unfairly by the authorities and want to challenge them, I would recommend Marcus and his team whole heartedly, they are worth every penny.

    Marcus is a professional that knows his subject matter and cares about his clients, including the impacts of going through quite humiliating and difficult court appearances. I believe Marcus is one of only a handful of solicitors in the UK who are truly adept at conducting and defending cases for those faced by motoring offence allegations.

    Thank you Marcus and team.

  • Now that the dust has settled, I write to thank you for your help with my recent alleged traffic offence. Your confident and assured approach to the situation did much to reassure both my husband and myself that you would be able to deal successfully with our problem!
    My scenario appeared very similar to many on your website. Having been ‘lasered’ in an unfamiliar part of the country (Berkshire) on a road where I thought the speed limit was 40mph, I was very surprised when my husband received a notice requiring him to identify the driver of his car! As a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and with a points-free licence of some 45 years, my self-confidence took a considerable hit!
    When our son advised contacting you for your advice, we researched you on the Internet and found your You Tube videos extremely illuminating. It made us realise that one has the right to view and challenge the evidence and that one was innocent until proven guilty.
    I was amazed at the complexities of Road Traffic law in relation to speeding offences and at the percentage of motorists who appear to willingly accept guilt without question. But I felt the paperwork sent out by Thames Valley Police was quite intimidating and can understand why someone might plead guilty just to expedite the process.
    After almost a year during which you kept me informed of developments we arrived at court to face the music! It was very reassuring to meet with you in person and to take comfort from your confident manner particularly when you reported on the paucity of factual information still outstanding from the CPS!
    The outcome of the case was that the laser camera operator failed to appear in court despite being given written notice of the case. The CPS requested an adjournment but your strong representation against, found favour with the magistrates and they brought the case to a swift close with costs awarded.
    This whole episode demonstrated very strongly that motorists should engage with you in the first instance for a reassured, confident, skilled and knowledgeable approach to what for many, is a very worrying and potentially disastrous episode. Your experience of the law, technical knowledge and forthright views on motoring law are well demonstrated in the aforementioned videos and make compelling viewing! My husband even watched them again after the case but my feelings are summed up in one word – relief!
    Again, very many thanks for a job well done.
  • My wife recently received a NIP (address to her as she was the registered keeper of the vehicle) for allegedly doing 36mph in a 30mph zone. We arranged to view the police footage at the police headquarters. As the only view of the vehicle was from the rear, we had to run the DVD five or six times to try to determine who was driving. Because of the dark interior of the vehicle and the high headrests it soon became apparent that you could not determine whether there was anyone in the vehicle – never mind determining who was driving.

    After some discussion, my wife thought that it was more likely that I would have been the driver, although she could not say for certain. Indeed, she even stated that fact in her covering letter to the police and mentioned her fear of being prosecuted for supplying false information according to the warning printed on the NIP.

    In the reply from the police they acknowledged the difficulty she had in not being certain but they would accept the name she provided and subsequently a NIP was sent out addressed to me. To me, this proved that the police are not interested in finding out who was actually driving – all they want is a name so they can issue a fine.

    In the interim period I had been examining our bank statements and noted I had withdrawn money from an ATM on the date of the alleged offence. The ATM withdrawal was timed just before the alleged offence took place. This was the evidence I needed to prove that we broke our journey for refreshments and we may have exchanged driving duties at that time. This still left us with the dilemma of knowing who was driving before and after the refreshment break.

    I decided to contact Marcus A. Johnstone, the Speeding Solicitor. His website stated free initial consultation. What more could you ask for?

    Marcus spent nearly an hour patiently discussing our case and what it would cost if we decided to proceed. No hidden charges. Because of the action we had already taken, and the limited DVD police evidence, he came to the conclusion that it was worth contesting – but the decision was entirely left to me. There was no sales pressure at all. Because of his knowledge and the way Marcus explained the law to me I decided there and then to instruct him to act for me.

    He first instructed me to send all the correspondence to him, and complete the NIP and nominate my wife as being the driver. This meant that the police now had two completed NIP’s naming the two possible drivers.

    Correspondence flowed back and forth between Marcus and the police until many months later both my wife and I received a summons. We were both charged with two counts of (1) Speeding and (2) Failing to identify the driver. This was despite us nominating each other on the NIP as being the driver.

    This is where it all got a bit silly. How can two people be charged with the same offence of speeding? The vehicle only had one steering wheel and one set of foot pedals – it was not dual controlled. Obviously they were trying to panic one of us to admit to both charges before going to court.

    Marcus advised us to sit tight while he conferred with the CPS to try get the charges dropped before going to court.

    Lo and behold the CPS contacted Marcus’s office a week before the trial to say all charges were dropped against my wife due insufficient evidence. This meant they were targeting me. On the day of the trial Marcus briefed me again how the court proceedings would unfold and talked me through the cross-examining procedure.

    Because of the pep talk from Marcus I entered the witness stand with confidence and gave my version of events to the magistrates’. After their deliberation I was told by the chairman that they considered me to be a credible witness and I was found not guilty on both charges of speeding and failing to identify the driver. Costs were awarded to us so that means my solicitors fees are paid from Central Funds.

    My advice to anyone faced with the same situation as my wife and I found ourselves in is to employ a solicitor who specialises and deals solely in motoring offences. It costs no more than any other solicitor and indeed it can work out cheaper if you opt for the fixed fee rate.

    I read somewhere on the internet that if you represent yourself in court on offences similar to mine you stand a 20-30% chance of success, but if you have a solicitor representing you your chances of success increase to 70-95%.

    By instructing Marcus A. Johnstone, the Speeding Solicitor, to act for you then you will be represented by someone who is at the top of his profession when it comes to motoring law.

    I cannot thank Marcus and his capable staff enough for all the support they have given us throughout.

  • A policeman on a motorbike alleged I was travelling between 100-110mph on a motorway. He was very aggressive and clearly had an issue with the fact that I was a young guy driving a nice car. Not only was he mistaken about the speed, he also lied on his statement about things I did not even say when he pulled me over. I need to drive as part of my job so when I got the court summons through it was very distressing for me.

    I spoke to a number of solicitors who were very rude and did not want to go into any detail on the phone, in fact they just wanted to make me panick even more to justify their fees. Marcus was the opposite: friendly, responsive, knowledgable and was refreshingly happy to have a long detailed conversation right off the bat.

    Unlike other solicitors I have encountered, Marcus always has the time for you and quickly responds to voicemails and emails. The case went on for over 8 months as the CPS kept dragging it out when asked for evidence. When it became apparent that it was going to court and extra costs were required I was asked a difficult question: do we try to negotiate it down to under 100mph, accept points and a fine, or do we take it to court with the potential of winning, but with the potential risk of a disqualification if we lost? I did a quick risk/reward analysis and also out of principle I chose the latter.

    It was a very stressful experience going to court. However, I am pleased to advise that I was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

    GarySpeeding - Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court.
  • I have just heard the good news regarding the successful outcome of our court case.
    Just wanted to thank you for your support and always making yourself available to us whenever we needed reassurance on the progress of our case.
    Your contribution was very much appreciated. Unlike some solicitors, either yourself or your team were contactable. If I could not speak to you personally you always returned my call shortly after. We never had to wait for hours on end for a reply. Also, there was never a time limit on the length of your calls. You always took as long as it takes to explain the current position to your client. It is this kind of service that makes you stand out from the rest – and I can tell you it certainly makes for a happy and satisfied client.
    I want you to remember this as you progress through your career – you have an excellent attitude in your approach to clients so just keep on doing what you are doing. Your personality shines through even on a phone line. I enjoyed the friendly banter with you.
    This is just a short thank you note. I will ring you later to thank you personally.
    Wishing you every success.
  • Everyday people can find themselves on the wrong side of the law. In just a few seconds one mistake can change your life forever, but thankfully you don’t have to navigate the unknown alone!

    In September 2011 after a day at work, a friend and I headed for a well earned pint of beer at our local pub. After a long walk we visited relatives that lived in the same street and ended up staying for an impromptu meal. However during this meal it was remembered that an electrical appliance had been left on at home. At this point I felt fit to drive and no effect from the alcohol. It had been several hours since the pint, I had eaten a meal, but I swallowed a large glass of wine that I had been sipping throughout the meal. I jumped into the car and drove it at speed the 750 metres to our house; however the brakes locked when I tried to stop and I crashed the car. The car flipped on a street sign onto its roof and slid for around 5 metres.

    The crash itself left my passenger with no injuries whatsoever; however that wasn’t the case for me. My head went through the side window of the car and then came in contact with the road whilst the car slid. My resulting injuries were the loss of 30% of my skull tissue right down to and including some skull bone. I was losing significant amounts of blood, was pinned to the road by the car and then I lost consciousness and required to be resuscitated several times. I eventually came round briefly several hours later in a CAT scanner and then it all went black again.

    I spent the next 2 weeks in hospital, underwent surgery twice to have tissue expanders placed under my scalp and a large patch of skin grafted from my thigh to my head. I was told that it would take up to 6 months of painful weekly treatments to fill the expanders and stretch the skin enough to cover my wounds. I left hospital and commenced my recovery but still I heard nothing about the accident from the police.

    Months past and it was nearly Christmas and I assumed everything was ok. However one day in late November as I was leaving home, an officer approached my car signalling me not to pull away. During the conversation the officer explained that he was the accident investigation officer and that I had to come to the police station of my own free will, at an agreeable time, just to clear up his “administration” requirements. He led me to believe it was simply admin and therefore I never considered taking legal representation with me. Luckily for me a family member recommended that I contact a solicitor called Marcus Johnstone from Speeding Solicitor.

    I contacted Marcus via mobile phone just hours before I was to attend the police station. The advice and legal information he passed to me during that free consultation made me aware of my rights, which ultimately allowed me to conduct myself in a totally defensive manner and not verbally implicate myself. He explained that it was likely that the officer would try to get me to admit to a driving offence using set questions and then charge me accordingly. He also explained that I could stop or reschedule the interview at any time to seek legal advice, that I did not even need to agree to an interview and to contact him immediately afterwards to update him on what was said. The police did exactly what Marcus said they would and I was ready.

    However something else came into the interview, something I wasn’t prepared for. They seemed very interested in how much alcohol I had consumed, what I had eaten, how I felt on the day and then they dropped a bombshell on me. I was charged with two offences; driving a vehicle dangerously or carelessly and driving a vehicle with excess alcohol in my blood, to be precise 88mg with the limit being 80mg. My whole world crashed around me. Here I was; a well respected member of society, a good job as a manager and a father, but all that was about to change. I was to be labelled with the stigma of being a ‘drunk driver’, something society frowned heavily on. I felt devastated and pretty isolated; it wasn’t really a subject I would be discussing with anyone.

    I contacted Marcus and he explained all the potential outcomes and then sent me some financial illustrations of what my defence costs could be. I have to admit the level of the costs did shock me and nearly made me give in and plead guilty, but the long term financial ramifications of this charge were enormous, so I retained him at this point. In hindsight I would advise anyone in the same position never to go to a police interview without a solicitor and I wished I had rescheduled to have him present.

    Another few months rolled past before the police turned up again to formally charge me with the specific offences and then a court date was set. I imagine it is very difficult for a solicitor to consider how an individual client actually feels, they must have a level of detachment doing the job every day, but Marcus managed to calm me by answering all my questions.

    The next few months showed me exactly how inept the CPS and police actually are. The CPS failed to disclose their evidence against me until very late in the process and between them and an overworked court, I felt my defence was significantly compromised by reducing our preparation time – but Marcus used this to our advantage.

    I was simply scared and my judgement was impaired. Marcus was doing exactly what he said he would do and the potential costs were made known to me at the very beginning. The best way to think about Marcus is not as a solicitor, he is a legal project manager. He reviews the evidence against you, identifies errors and potential defence avenues, manages the CPS and then brings the correct people into play at the right time.

    I am not sure if it would be wise for me to get into the specifics of my trial detail but the results speak for themselves. I was found not guilty of driving with excess alcohol. I was also awarded a cost recovery order by the court to reclaim my defence outlay.

    There is undoubtedly in most cases a lot of luck involved in a defence case, but without good professional representation you will never find that luck. I still have my driving licence, I have no criminal record and my personal choices in life have not been compromised by this incident. The success of Marcus and the team as I said also allow me to recover a large portion of my costs. I would like to thank Marcus and his team for everything they have done.

    In my opinion Solicitors and Barristers are extraordinary high cost professionals, particularly to normal working class individuals. However they are well and long educated people, that as I said at the start, can navigate you through the complexities of law. With good specialist legal counsel that has demonstrable results, you have the potential to conquer the law in your favour, without a good legal team on your side it is GUARANTEED the law will conquer you!

  • I got caught speeding on M1 August 2011 and I did some research on who to use as my solicitor. I did a lot of research in pistonheads and I had been recommended to use Marcus at through pistonheads. You can see one of my post here – .

    I used, Marcus to represent me in the court and their service has been great throughout. Marcus saved me from getting a ban/driving disqualification.

    Just like to say thanks again to Marcus and everyone who recommended me to use

  • I write this with a big grin on my face. No longer do i need to worry about being bullied by the money grabbing speed camera operators, cashing in on law abiding drivers that make small mistakes (34mph in a 30mph zone). If they want to play dirty, i got Marcus on my side to slap them back into there place. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the need to keep dangerous drivers off the road, but why penalise clean drivers with the same harshness of dangerous drivers!

    Within minutes of getting the confirmation of case begin dropped, i have already convinced my collogue to use your services.

    A personal thank you to you too Marcus – excellent work

    Its one of those things – hopefully wont be needing you again, but if i do, i will be back with confidence

  • I was accused by a following police officer of having driven through a set of traffic lights whilst on red. He issued me with an on the spot fine and three points on my licence or the option of taking the matter to court. Upon talking to Marcus, he pointed out that it is well worth challenging their accusation, and asking them for proof of the offence and evidence that they had correctly adhered to procedure.

    I instructed Marcus to represent me and he wrote to the police asking for evidence, and within a fortnight they had written back to me stating that they no longer wished to pursue the matter. At all times I found Marcus and his staff to be extremely approachable, Marcus himself is readily available on his mobile phone and was more than happy to chat at length with me, answer all my questions and clearly brief me with all the options and necessary information. I recommend his service and will recommend him to my friends and acquaintances for any road traffic issues, I will however be doing my utmost not to need him again myself.

  • Many, many thanks for your assistance yesterday at Northwich court. Great result! The workings of the police and court are a minefield and I am so glad I didn’t choose to deal with this myself, as was my original plan. Your specialisation in this area is a credit to you. Keep up the great work on behalf of UK beleaguered motorists.
  • I would just like to say a big thank you for helping me with my recent court case relating to a speeding ticket. I found your service very reliable and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend you or use you in the future if the need arises.
  • I enlisted the help of Marcus after being recommended by at least 3 other solicitors firms (they all recommended Marcus) after I was caught speeding by a manned camera.

    It seemed almost inevitable that I would receive a ban, which would have totally devastated mine and my families lives. From the start, I was really impressed with Marcus and his teams thorough approach to my case.

    Imagine my shock, relief and joy when, 2 weeks before my trial date, I received a letter to confirm that my case had been thrown out of court.

    To say I am beyond gratitude towards the team, is a massive understatement. I would whole heartily recommend (and already have done) Marcus and his team to anyone who needs legal representation for a road traffic offence – huge thanks.

  • I would like to pass my thanks onto Marcus for all his help resolving the section 172 / speeding prosecution I faced. He briefed me before the hearing in a clear and concise way, I understood (as a lay person) the intricate procedures I faced in Court and he placed me at ease through a very stressful situation.

    Marcus kept me informed at all stages of the process, both in the pre-trial matters and on the day in Court.

    Not only was the outcome successful but due to Marcus’s identification of failings made by both the Police and the CPS in procedure he secured an award of 100% costs in my favour.

    I cannot recommend Marcus highly enough.

  • I just wanted to wholeheartedly thank everyone from Speeding Solicitor, whose help was invaluable throughout.

    I was stopped by motorway police on the M6 Northbound Toll, who alleged that the vehicle I was driving was exceeding the 70 mph speed limit, in fact they alleged I was doing 102mph and immediately informed me they would issued a court summons.

    I was very concerned as I was unsure whether I was actually travelling that fast. The officers however showed me the speed gun which indeed displayed 102mph. I was still unconvinced, so I started speaking with some friends who recommended Marcus Johnstone to me. After speaking to Marcus, he informed me 102mph was an immediate disqualification (according to the court guidelines) and he was concerned that mistakes may have been made by the police that could have led to an incorrect speed-reading.

    Marcus and his team dealt with everything from this point and a date for the court hearing was rescheduled. There are all sorts of issues that normal people do not even consider when receiving a summons, usually ordinary people may assume that the police are correct and there is no point in arguing against it.

    I was summoned to court but the day before court the CPS sent me a form which I didn’t understand but I scanned and sent straight to the Speeding Solicitor office. I suspected it could have been a tactic by the CPS, so that they could say they provided evidence and on the day at court my suspicions were correct. At court, Marcus was composed and very professional, taking time to clearly outline every scenario, providing me clear choices and explaining the whole process prior to the hearing.

    The two officers who had stopped me, were also present at court, and the CPS alluded to have all the required evidence to secure prosecution, intimating it could be better for me to plead guilty. However because Marcus had explained the process so clearly I was resolute.

    At the hearing Marcus was firm and concise, he argued that the CPS had not provided enough evidence for the trail to proceed, (it turned out that even the late evidence the CPS wanted to use was faulty – Marcus spotted this immediately). Marcus criticised the CPS for not presenting the evidence in a timely manner, pointing out that all of this was a common trait of the CPS, which by conducting affairs like this, were clearly in violation of the process of law. The magistrates agreed with Marcus and scolded the CPS, saying they were increasingly being so flippant in their attitude. Unfortunately the court stopped short of kicking the case out and reluctantly gave the CPS another opportunity to provide evidence, at another court date.

    Marcus by this time, however, had used another tactic – the threat of wasted costs against the CPS. This meant that if the CPS did push us to a further court hearing Marcus would claim costs from the CPS office for the previous hearing (whether we won or lost the case)! Marcus explained that this may result in the case being dropped.

    By the second court date, the CPS did not offer any evidence and the charge was dropped. Because the CPS made us turn up at court, Marcus requested costs to be paid by the CPS for the two court hearings, so it means I will be reimbursed my fees.

    I am grateful that Marcus and them to task and it resulted in a successful outcome. I then recommended Speeding Solicitors to a colleague his team took of mine, who’s case will be ongoing.

    I would suggest anyone wishing to protect their licence to contact Marcus and his team.

  • Many thanks for the letter today telling me my case has been concluded!

    Initially I was going to just accept the points and fine because I thought who would believe me over 2 traffic cops but you and your team were correct to fight it!

    I would recommend you to anybody who asks. Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail has been aware of this case from the start and will be very pleased with the outcome!

    I hope I do not need your services again but your number has been kept just in case!

  • I am very happy with the outcome today, actually that is an understatement.

    I was stopped by an officer using a pro laser gun that recorded my speed at 73mph in a 30mph zone. I thought the only outcome would be a long ban.

    Marcus showed his expert knowledge defending me and making the police officer pretty much lost for words in the courtroom.

    The result: no ban and I’m still driving. A pretty remarkable result.

    I could’ve used a local solicitor for a few hundred pounds cheaper, but I guarantee I would’ve been getting the bus to work tomorrow.


  • I wish to give a big thank you to Marcus and his legal team, whose help was invaluable in having my case dropped.

    I wholeheartedly recommend his professional approach to speeding and other alleged motoring offences.

    I contacted Marcus after receiving a Notice of Intended Prosecution for the alleged offence of exceeding the speed limit of 30mph.

    After speaking to Marcus and sending him a copy of the NIP it was clear that he was initially concerned that mistakes may have been made by the police that could have led to an incorrect speed-reading.

    From then on Marcus and his team dealt with everything whilst I was made fully aware of proceedings.

    There are all sorts of issues that an ordinary person does not even consider when receiving a notice of prosecution. One just assumes that the police are correct and there is no point in arguing against it.

    In my case the charge was dropped, as the CPS offered no evidence.

    I am so grateful that with Marcus and his team’s help we took them to task and it resulted in a successful outcome.

    I would highly recommend Marcus and his team to anyone wishing to protect their licence.

  • I would like to thank you and your team for the professional and expeditious way you dealt with my alleged speeding case. You will know that it went to court and I was found not guilty after the judge gave it due consideration.

    I have never been to Court in my life but I was led through the whole process in a very professional manner, for which I am very grateful.

    It is particularly pleasing knowing that my costs may be returned to me as we were awarded central funds.

    Once again many thanks. I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

    James RTitle
  • I was fortunate to find Marcus Johnstone and his firm, Speeding Solicitor, after searching the internet. I was caught allegedly speeding on the M4 in May 2009 by a mobile speed camera.

    Due to my alleged high speed I was not offered a fixed penalty but ordered to appear at a Magistrates Court. This I found extremely alarming.

    I spoke directly to Marcus Johnstone who explained my options and what he could do to help me. After this I decided that he would represent me in court.

    My court appearance kept being postponed and eventually in October 2010 the case went ahead. Marcus was representing me and I met him at the court.

    He successfully put my case forward and I was found not guilty. I left with no fine, no points and no ban. It was a better outcome than I could have imagined.

    I kept in regular contact either by telephone or by emails, sometimes directly with Marcus or through staff in his office. I always felt confidant that he was an expert in this field and the outcome illustrates this.

    As my case was thrown out I also get my legal fees refunded. I would recommend Marcus Johnstone and his company as I found them very professional.

  • I am a young driver, and had just past my test. I was stopped whilst driving, and was later issued a summons to go to court, charged with two offences of travelling at 50mph in a 30mph limit and obstructing a police officer in the execution of his duty. I needed to prove my innocence as I could lose my licence and gain a criminal record.

    I originally used another firm of solicitors who did not prepare my case (beware of solicitors who are not specialists on road traffic law and do not follow through with their promises). I was very fortunate to get an adjournment, so I was able to change solicitors to Marcus and his team who produced an outstanding result.

    Marcus thoroughly prepared my case and, with an expert witness, was able to prove my innocence. I was acquitted on both charges, so no points or a criminal record were issued. He genuinely cares about winning, and was available at evenings and weekends to discuss my case.

    I cannot thank you enough for your brilliant service and would recommended you to anybody who finds themselves in this situation.

    A massive big thank you to you and your team for a fantastic outcome.

  • I think my recent experience is a text book case where using professional help (and particularly that of Marcus) can throw up results that you wouldn’t have dreamt of if dealing with the problem on your own. Having passed the same speed camera at 41 mph in a 30 zone, three times within five days, I was staring at potentially 12 points on my driving licence (over and above the six points I’ve already clocked up) and an automatic lengthy driving ban to follow.

    With the prospect of losing my licence, even with glaring evidence against me I thought it was worth spending a bit of money to explore possible mitigations. Where I saw none, Marcus offered some glimmer of hope. With few supportive facts to work from you need a bit of luck to get by. If you are a professional like Marcus even a straw can be worth something and by knowing the system sometimes you can create your own luck.

    The outcome of my misfortune was two wins out of three. I had my day in court. One charge was dropped even before the actual hearing due to brilliant arguing from Marcus. In the end I pleaded guilty to the last offence. In all, Marcus managed to get the penalty down to 3 points and me keeping my licence. Do I need to spell it out, I’m one happy customer!

  • Thanks a million! Words cannot describe my experience with a professional solicitor like yourself.

    As soon as I received the offer of fixed penalty, I contacted about 7 solicitors I found on Google. It was a speed camera, which caught me at 65 mph in a 50 mph motorway. I already had 3 points and since I was still in the probationary period, my licence would have been revoked if I accepted the 3 points offer.

    It was a weekend and only Marcus responded to my enquiry. The other solicitors waited till Monday to call back and when they did, they told me it is a lost case and I have to accept the fixed penalty and re-apply for a new licence.

    Marcus offered me a free comprehensive initial advice. He explained all the legal issues in layman terms, which made it easy to understand and make a choice. Even when he discussed the financial aspect, he told me exactly how much I will pay with no hidden charges.

    During the whole process, I had the pleasure to contact Marcus directly on his mobile anytime, even on Sundays! And when it came to hearing in court, Marcus represented me personally and he managed to win the case without me having to say any word in court!

    I have never dealt with a solicitor before, but I didn’t think I will find someone as friendly and professional as Marcus.

  • I thought I would let the dust settle from the proceedings on Friday before writing in.

    Firstly, thank you for your help and support over the last six months, as I am sure you can imagine it was a trying time. The help, guidance and representation provided by you and your team was excellent.

    Had the case not been about me, I may have even enjoyed the proceedings on Friday last.

    I must confess the one hour forty deliberation was the longest time imaginable and I had half expected the magistrates to reappear with black gowns and hoods for a very serious sentence.

    Marcus kept to a central tenant of argument which was incontrovertible; the police had failed to provide accurate evidence relating to the correct distance check (concerning the use of a laser gun). The Police and CPS had been told many times by Marcus that this was the case and the basis of the defence. For the CPS solicitor to ask the Court to go to the police station and perform the measurements using the laser gun was bordering on farce. The Magistrates refused to do what the police should have done several months earlier!

    So, an experience not to be repeated, lesson learnt and a heartfelt thank you for your excellent help.

    After the not guilty verdict was passed, Marcus applied to the court for access to central funds and this was granted by the court.

  • My son was accused by the police of driving without due care and attention. He had passed his test as a 17 year old only 3 weeks before the accident so when we were summonsed to court I felt he need professional help in handling the situation.

    All along, my son had said that the other driver had gone through a red light, but the police said they had witnesses and prosecuted my son.

    There was some doubt about the other driver having a full licence and that really stopped my son just ticking the police summons letter, accepting a guilty plea and taking a fine and a possible 6 points which would have meant him having to take his test again.

    I spoke with Marcus Johnstone about all the aspects of the case and after a lengthy conversation we decided to employ Marcus to fight the case.

    After several months of legal arguments (all handled by Marcus on our behalf), the court informed Marcus that the police had dropped the case. Of course both my son and I were absolutely delighted with this, and then saw how easily it could have been to tick the box and accept the consequences.

    Without Marcus’s help this could have turned out so differently, he dealt with the system in such a way that only professional like him knows how. It will have saved my son so much money in increased insurance premiums, more driving lessons and re-tests. Marcus’ fee was well worth it.

  • Having been accused of speeding I was not convinced that I was the driver of the car at the time and provided the police with the names of several people who had access to my car at the time. The police did not follow up any of these suggestions and pursued a prosecution of me for speeding and failing to reveal the identity of the driver – despite the names I’d sent them.

    At this point I felt out of my depth so I engaged Marcus to handle the case and, a couple of months later, received the news that the case had been dropped and with any luck I’ll get my costs paid by the court too.

    I’m very pleased with the outcome of course but also with the handling of the case. It’s very satisfactory to be able to hand the case over and not have to stress over all the details.

    I’ll certainly advise friends or family to contact Marcus if they are in the unfortunate position of needing assistance with an alleged speeding offence.

    Thanks Marcus

  • First of all I would like to say a BIG BIG Thank You to everybody from the Speeding Solicitor team.

    Everything began when my wife filled in the NIP with my name as the driver. After 5 months I was received a Summons with 3 offences accusing me of driving without due care, fail to stop and fail to report.

    I searched for solicitors and I did manage to get couple of solicitors phone numbers and tried to give them a ring. None of the conversations come back with satisfactory results, some of them did not even know the law or procedure in these cases and one of them said that we will have to go to the court on the day and just plead guilty. Also the prices given was not to taken very easy by me!

    Searching trough fight-back forums I did manage to find Marcus’ web site,, and I left him a message. I received a phone call from Marcus who professionally explained to me what the procedure is and what he suggested I should do for each charge. This conversation lead me to think that Marcus was the right person to deal with my case and due to his low fixed fee I decided to go ahead with him to fight my case.

    At court I was represented by Marcus personally and he managed to do what never even crossed my mind – the whole case was dismissed due to lack of proof that I was behind the wheel.

    I just call that a ‘masterstrike’ as I don’t know how Marcus persuaded the CPS to drop the case against me. The CPS had been prosecuting me for over 18 months and yet within a few minutes at court they had to admit that they did not have the correct evidence. All 3 charges were dropped!

    I still have a clean driving licence and enjoy giving out Marcus’ business cards!

    Don’t wait till its too late when you receive a NIP or Summons – give Marcus a ring. I was on the way to just pleading guilty at the beginning but, believe me, I’m glad that I found Marcus and as he says “you are innocent until the CPS prove guilt”. He is a true professional and has a huge knowledge of road traffic law. An excellent result in my case.

    MarkLiverpool Magistrates’ Court
  • I was stopped by an unmarked traffic car for speeding at 55-60 in a 40 limit on the A12 in London, Dec 08. I instructed a local solicitor and told him I wanted to plead not guilty. I already had 9 points on my licence and 1 year previously had already pleaded exceptional hardship in court so I knew my licence was on the line as I had some bad history.

    I went to Barking Magistrates, Essex court in Dec 09. The CPS had offered little evidence at this time despite when I was stopped the officers said it was all on video. All they said they had was an officers statement. In court at the last minute the officer appeared with the video tape. My barrister advised me to plead guilty which I did. The court gave me a 9 month ban, £450.00 fine and another 6 points. All round a rather terrible day.

    This was going to cripple me so my solicitor immediately put in to have the ban suspended pending a crown court appeal. I went back to the same court (on my own!) and got the ban suspended about 2 weeks later, pending the Crown court appeal, telling them I needed it to earn money to pay the mortgage, and I had employees that were suffering etc.

    My crown court date came through and I tried to forget about it, but about a week from the trial, not happy with what my solicitor had done, (or not done!) for me, I thought that I needed someone who specialised in this area. I had read all about the celebrities that had got off on loopholes by employing these ‘wiz kid’ lawyers, I thought I’d try and find one. I then did a fair bit of research on the net and this is when I came across Marcus Johnstone at “”.

    I rang the number and spoke directly with Marcus. I explained the situation to him. I told him I had a crown court case in 1 weeks time and needed someone with a fight in them to represent me. Within the next hour he had emailed me considerable information and a whole host of questions regarding my case, and I faxed back all the info I had. I this point I realised that my previous barrister and solicitor had not really acted in my best interests.

    From that moment on, I was bowled over by the things that my previous solicitor should have done but didn’t and I learnt that it was quite possible the case should have never really got this far. I was surprised at Marcus’s knowledge of traffic law, and the fact that he was available Saturday & Sunday to speak to. The fees, which when compared with my previous solicitor were easily more than justified for the advice and service I received. A breath of fresh air compared with other ‘stuffy’ solicitors.

    Over the next few days I spoke with Marcus on several occasions, and he arranged for a specialist traffic barrister to represent my case at the Snaresbrook Crown court. At court I won my case – NO ban. The Barrister put in for my costs to be paid from central funds and we got a positive yes, so over the next couple of months we will at least get something back in the way of fees!

    All round a excellent result and this saved my livelihood, my employees jobs and my house, etc etc.

    The worst thing I did was getting caught speeding, again! The best thing I did was finding your website. Should I ever need to recommend you I will not hesitate.

    Thank you again Marcus.

    DanLiverpool Magistrates’ Court
  • When I was stopped by an unmarked car, using a follow check with a Cleartone device on the M5, I felt that the Police were not being wholly accurate in their appraisal of my speed, or in fact had followed their own procedures in obtaining the alleged speed. I was accused of 95mph and that carries all sorts of potential penalties and possible outcomes in court. I felt that I needed to properly and robustly defend my 10 year standing clean licence.

    I did a lot of research and initially sent a detailed email to 26 legal firms in the area of the court, and advertising ‘speeding’ online. Only 6 followed this up at all and only 3 of these companies actually called me. Marcus was the first to call…at 8pm on a Saturday evening!! He then spent over an hour on this important initial call to explain the possible options, prosecution scenarios and counters.

    From there on it was clear that Marcus and his team were the right people for me to risk an investment of a sizeable but initial fixed fee. They guided me through the process and dealt with everything from there on in, dealing with the initial ‘not guilty’ plea, dealing with the court on my behalf, evidence gathering and arranging everything for the trial.

    What transpired was that the day before the second trial date was set (4 months after the ‘offence’), Marcus contacted me to explain that the case had been dropped by the CPS due to a lack of evidence! This was a fantastic result and has also saved me the time, energy, funds and worry of the whole matter.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this professional approach to speeding or other alleged motoring offences. Marcus is the person who can help you. I won my case and Marcus is now in the process of claiming my fees back from central funds. If you think you were wronged then you can fight it. The cost of doing nothing and letting the court system intimidate you, worry you sick and control the outcome will be an overall higher cost!!

  • Just a note to say a big Thank You to all of you for your help with my thankfully discontinued case!

    An extra big thank you for attending Court for me at very short notice, and for phoning me to let me know the good news!

    From the start you were helpful and supportive through what was a very stressful time for me, and I appreciate your patience when the stress took over!

    I hope I don’t need to use you again! I would certainly recommend you to others.

    SueOrmskirk Magistrates’ Court
  • Thank you very much for all your work on my case. I am delighted with the outcome and would be very happy for you to use my testimonial on your website:

    I was recorded speeding at 60 MPH in a temporary 50 MPH speed restriction on the motorway. As this was my second speeding offence and I have not yet been driving for two years, my license was to be revoked. This would have devastating consequences for me as I rely on being able to drive to get to work.

    Thankfully Marcus’ work on the case meant that I achieved a successful outcome – no points or fine! The case was resolved quickly. Marcus was extremely helpful, taking time to clearly explain the process of his involvement.

    I would highly recommend Marcus to anyone who finds themselves in the same position.

    RachaelStafford Magistrates’ Court.
  • I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional and professional service that you provided for me. I was utterly convinced, despite your assurances to the contrary, that I would lose my licence, given that when I came to you I already had 10 penalty points on my licence and had been charged with 2 further offences, one of which was serious enough to result in a disqualification without regard to any previous penalty points.

    I have been represented by other lawyers in the past, but never one with such skill and legal knowledge. The performance in court was exceptional.

    Once again, I am very grateful.

  • I am writing to express my gratitude for the exceptional and professional service that you provided for me. I was utterly convinced, despite your assurances to the contrary, that I would lose my licence, given that when I came to you I already had 10 penalty points on my licence and had been charged with 2 further offences, one of which was serious enough to result in a disqualification without regard to any previous penalty points.

    I have been represented by other lawyers in the past, but never one with such skill and legal knowledge. The performance in court was exceptional.

    Once again, I am very grateful.

  • A big thank you to Marcus and his legal team, whose help was invaluable in having my case dropped.

    I was stopped on the motorway and accused of driving at 90mph. The method of speed measurement was a “follow check” the officer stated he had followed me for just 0.4 miles, during which he had maintained a constant distance behind me and by observing his own speedometer was able to say with 100% certainty that I was travelling at 90mph.

    I did not agree I had been speeding nor with the way in which my speed had been recorded, which to me appeared a very inaccurate way of measuring speed. When I expressed my views to the officer when I was stopped he became very aggressive and employed various tactics ranging from intimidation to blatant threats, such as, “If you don’t admit to this offence now and sign this document, I will take you to court and they will throw the book at you”.

    I had a clean driving licence and was only looking at 3 penalty points if I accepted the “on the spot fine” but on principle alone I decided I would take the matter to court.

    After reading very favourable reviews and testimonials I contacted Marcus, who spoke to me at length, giving sound in-depth advice, explaining exactly where I stood from a legal perspective and what my options were. Marcus explained the various avenues he could explore to ensure the police had acted properly (or not) and followed the necessary legal procedures. After speaking with Marcus I engaged his services on a fixed fee basis.

    From then on Marcus dealt with everything, entering my not guilty plea and requesting the necessary information from the CPS.

    As the months passed and the trial date drew nearer, the CPS had not provided any of the information which they were legally obliged to provide and it became obvious they had no evidence.

    Marcus explained the CPS were understaffed and probably had insufficient resources to have even looked at my case prior to trial. Marcus advised me that I had a very high chance of success if I went to trial and he arranged everything for me.

    On the day in court the CPS were unable to produce the officer who had stopped me and were unable to offer any evidence whatsoever. They requested an adjournment to allow them more time to gather evidence. We demonstrated to the court that the CPS had breached their legal obligation to provide information prior to the trial despite several letters and faxes from my solicitor. The magistrates agreed with us and denied the request for an adjournment, the case proceeded and the CPS offered no evidence. The case was immediately thrown out with full costs awarded!

    It is a sad but true fact that an outcome like this would not have been possible without the expertise and guidance I received from Marcus.

    I am very pleased with the service I received from Marcus and his legal team, who kept me fully informed at all times and provided me with the legal knowledge required to make informed decisions. I would highly recommend Marcus to anyone looking for help and advice on any matter relating to motoring law.

    Thanks again Marcus!

    ChrisSpeeding - Knowsley Magistrates’ Court. May 2010
  • A policeman on a motorbike alleged I was travelling between 100-110mph on a motorway. He was very aggressive and clearly had an issue with the fact that I was a young guy driving a nice car. Not only was he mistaken about the speed, he also lied on his statement about things I did not even say when he pulled me over. I need to drive as part of my job so when I got the court summons through it was very distressing for me.

    I spoke to a number of solicitors who were very rude and did not want to go into any detail on the phone, in fact they just wanted to make me panick even more to justify their fees. Marcus was the opposite: friendly, responsive, knowledgable and was refreshingly happy to have a long detailed conversation right off the bat.

    Unlike other solicitors I have encountered, Marcus always has the time for you and quickly responds to voicemails and emails. The case went on for over 8 months as the CPS kept dragging it out when asked for evidence. When it became apparent that it was going to court and extra costs were required I was asked a difficult question: do we try to negotiate it down to under 100mph, accept points and a fine, or do we take it to court with the potential of winning, but with the potential risk of a disqualification if we lost? I did a quick risk/reward analysis and also out of principle I chose the latter.

    It was a very stressful experience going to court. However, I am pleased to advise that I was found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

    GarySpeeding - Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court.
  • A huge thank you from me for an absolutely fantastic service and advice. No one out there was as thorough and polite with advice and information. Very easy to talk to you and the advice you gave back was invaluable in winning my case. I was “Gatso’d” at 58 MPH in a 40 MPH zone but the signage and road markings were incorrect. The repeater signs being in very bad condition. It is so wonderful to hear those words “not guilty” being said by the magistrates. Words that would have not been said if it were not for your excellent advice and snippets of legal information and phrases.
    Speeding - City of London Magistrates’ Court.
  • I can’t say how happy I am with the result – going from 4 charges, with the possibility of having 12 penalty points, plus the possibility of being disqualified for 12 months, down to no charges as the day went on!!!

    I am really am pleased, you have been brilliant; thank you Marcus for everything you have done and said over the months and for the fabulous representation in court. I was bowled over when my case was presented in court; the prosecution didn’t stand a chance.

    On a final note I now have a shiny BMW X3 for sale – I have decided to buy myself that Ferrari I promised myself if I won. (Don’t worry I have stored your contact details for future use)

    Thank you once again

    Speeding x 4 offences - Stafford Magistrates’ Court. March 2009
  • In May 2008 I received a Notice of Intended Prosecution from Cambridgeshire Constabulary for allegedly failing to comply with a 70 mph speed limit (93 mph) on a restricted road (A14 nr Molesworth). I disagreed with this & immediately contacted Marcus Johnstone, Solicitor, via the website

    Within a day I had received a telephone call from Marcus outlining my options regarding this alleged offence & how he could assist me. I found this information invaluable in deciding to challenge the alleged offence.

    I retained the services of Marcus Johnstone for an agreed fixed fee so I knew exactly what my cost would be before going to trial. Should I have been found guilty I was potentially facing a large fine & possibly 6 points or even a driving ban.

    I went to trial before Ely Magistrates Court in January 2009 & was successfully represented. With Marcus’s expert help & procedural guidance the three Magistrates found the Police evidence at best inaccurate & at worst non existent. Within 45 minutes the case against me was dismissed.

    In addition to this successful outcome as the Magistrates found in my favour, I am able to recover most if not all of my costs from Central Funds.

    I would thoroughly recommend Marcus Johnstone & the website for clear information, excellent advice & professional assistance.

    Speeding - Ely Magistrates’ Court. January 2009
  • I was recorded speeding at more than double the speed limit in a 30mph zone by a hand held laser gun. I was not convinced that I was travelling at the speed implied so I contacted a few solicitors to discuss my predicament. After a friendly and informal conversation to Marcus I knew that I had found the right solicitor to take on my case. In the following months Marcus and his team took on all aspects of my case leaving me to get on with my life knowing it was in good hands, regular emails and phone conversations kept me in the loop. After 8 months and 2 court hearings, none of which I had to attend, my case was discontinued due to lack of evidence. I would recommend Marcus Johnstone to my friends and family without question.
    Speeding - City of London Magistrates’ Court. February 2009
  • My client was a young man who worked as a car salesman. It was important for him to keep his licence in order for him to retain his job. He had been stopped by the police and accused of speeding at 97mph on a 50mph road. The police used an LTI 20:20 laser device and told him that the device had been calibrated and therefore there was nothing he could do but plead guilty.

    My advice to this client, as is usual, was not to accept what the police say without first seeing the evidence. I agreed to take on his case and I when I obtained initial disclosure of the documentation I immediately found mistakes with the police evidence. Unfortunately the CPS would not accept that the police had made mistakes and continued with the prosecution. The CPS stated that the police officer had 14 years experience as a traffic officer and had been trained in using the laser device.

    After several months we went to trial. Under cross-examination the officer admitted that he did not follow all the correct procedures when using the laser and even stated that the Police’s own Code of Practice did not apply to the LTI 20:20 laser device (when it clearly did). We won the case and we were awarded costs from Central Funds.

    Note: The ACPO Code of Practice is a document that was produced by the Association of Chief Police Officers. It states how the police should operate speed equipment, how the evidence should be documented and how the police should prepare a case for court. You may be surprised just how few police officers actually know what it says! It is also worth considering the manufacturer’s instructions for each device – always amusing when the police haven’t followed them!

    The LTI 20:20 laser device, along with the Prolaser device, is widely used by police throughout the UK. In all the cases I have been involved with the police claim these devices are 100% accurate. I cannot agree with this figure. Around 70% of the speeding cases I handle involve these devices and in many cases I find mistakes with the evidence produced by the police.

    You may find it helpful to refer to the advice booklets that I have written as these relate specifically to the speed guns used by the police and the ACPO Code of Practice, setting out all the questions you should be asking. Please email me and I will be pleased to send a copy to you.

    Speeding - Leeds Magistrates’ Court. August 2008
  • My client, Stephen, had been flashed by a Gatso camera doing 107mph on a 40mph road on his Aprilia motorbike. He faced a lenghty ban and I represented him at court. I argued ‘special reasons’ as to why his speed reached 107mph. In this case the throttle cable had jammed when accelerating. This was accepted by the court and he received an absolute discharge – no fine and no ban.

    Note: ‘Special reasons’ can be argued when a situation arises concerning the circumstances of the offence (such as the throttle cable sticking) rather than the motorist’s personal circumstances (such as the loss of his job).

    Speeding - Walsall Magistrates’ Court. June 2008
  • This was a case where the police and the CPS insisted we would lose (if only I had £1 for each time I heard this). My client was charged with speeding. He was allegedly doing 110mph whilst being followed by the police. The police stated that “it was a textbook procedure for a follow check”.

    During cross-examination at trial I was able to uncover a catalogue of errors by the police officer. For example, the officer stated that it was daylight and he had a clear view of my client’s car. It was actually 4am on a January morning – pitch black. The calibration check that was completed by the police officer was wrong – the officer accepted that he always did the check in the same way (and therefore every check he ever completed was unreliable). The officer produced a certificate of accuracy for the speedometer in the police car – produced four years before the car was made! The court found my client not guilty and commented on the unreliability of the police evidence. We obtained costs from Central Funds.

    Note: The police often claim that a follow check is extremely accurate as it involves the police following your vehicle a set distance behind. Such a speed check can involve intricate equipment that records time and distance along with video, or it can be as simple as noting the speed from the police car’s speedo. However, the rules relating to such checks are complex and the police do make mistakes.

    Speeding - Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court. June 2008
  • My client had pleaded guilty to speeding prior to my involvement. He was desperate to avoid a ban, having been caught at 135mph. I represented him in court and argued ‘exceptional hardship’. The court agreed not to ban him from driving.

    Note: It is possible to avoid a ban even if you reach 12 or more points by convincing the court that ‘exceptional hardship’ would be caused by imposing a ban. This should be handled carefully, ensuring that the correct evidence is presented to the court.

    Speeding - Ludlow Magistrates’ Court. May 2008
  • My client had been charged both with speeding and failing to identify the driver. I was able to convince the CPS to drop the failing to identify charge (carrying 6 points) and proceed solely on a speeding charge (carrying 3-6 points). I was then able to identify a ‘loophole’ in the CPS case and it was dropped 10 minutes before the trial was due to start.

    Note: I often find that the CPS make mistakes (as well as the police). Finding mistakes, or ‘loopholes’, is not too difficult – it’s knowing what to do when you find them that makes the difference.

    It is becoming more common for the CPS to push cases to court in the hope that the motorist will panic and plead guilty. If you stand firm, having taken correct legal advice, you may find that the CPS will drop the case shortly before your court date or when you turn up at court. Of course I then make a claim to recover your legal costs from Central Funds.

    Speeding and failing to identify the driver - Devizes Magistrates’ Court. April 2008
  • My client had been caught twice (a few days apart) by the same Gatso camera at the end of the M62 heading into Liverpool. I challenged the accuracy of the evidence including the testing of the camera by the police, the accuracy of the secondary check and the admissibility of certain documents by the Crown Prosecution Service. After about five months of correspondence and two court appearances the CPS dropped both cases. I obtained costs from Central Funds.

    Note: Gatso cameras are unmanned static radar cameras and, as such, require both primary and secondary checks to prove the speed. Many motorists do not realise that they should not be convicted without an accurate secondary check and yet in most cases the police do not even tell you about it!

    You may find it helpful to refer to the advice booklet I have written specifically on radar devices, including the Gatso Camera. Please email me and I will be pleased to send a copy to you.

    Speeding - Birkenhead Magistrates’ Court. March 2008
  • In September 2007 my son was stopped and booked for speeding, having allegedly driven at 40mph in a 30mph zone, only four days after passing his driving test. The police officer was using a laser speed detection device and seemingly enjoyed handing my son a speeding ticket, particularly since he discovered that Matthew already had 4 points on his licence, so would have to retake his theory and practical tests. Furthermore, my son would lose his job until such time as he could regain his licence.

    My decision to challenge the speeding allegation followed an initial discussion with Marcus Johnstone where he talked me through the complex rules that govern the handing out of a speeding ticket, which are rarely followed by the police. This covered lack of training and competence in the operation of laser guns in line with the manufacturers manual, the police’s own code of conduct, the calibration of the device before and after the event, the logging in the pocket notebook and so on.

    So, was it likely that these steps had been followed to the letter thereby making the conviction sound? Or had they cut corners, which would make the conviction challengeable? Marcus assured me that the latter was more probable and he proved to be 100% correct.

    However, the period between giving the go-ahead and actually winning our case became a series of requests to the CPS for information, all of which were ignored, court appearances, case management hearings, many faxes, emails and telephone conversations. You must be prepared to be stonewalled by the CPS who unashamedly use the court system to stretch your resources to breaking point. You have to have the courage of your convictions and trust in the basic premise that the police invariably cut corners and the evidence is likely to be full of holes.

    Case management hearings come and go; they are designed to get you to court with your solicitor to run up your costs. The CPS turn up with no information; the court may or may not direct them to provide requested documentation. If the court does instruct them, invariably they don’t respond. This could be interpreted as arrogant confidence or a total lack of ability to construct a solid case; I tend to think it’s the latter. We actually had two case management hearings one week apart; the first concluded with the court putting the CPS on notice to provide all outstanding information within seven days. The court felt we had every right to request information, and recognised that the CPS was using the court system to run up our costs thereby increasing pressure on us to fold. The following week a magistrate in the same court completely overruled the previous week’s court decision and gave the CPS leave to produce the requested information at trial. So it was either trial or fold!

    It was at this point that I very nearly caved in, and would have done so had it not been for Marcus’s confidence in the inability of the police to follow procedures to construct a solid case.

    So, we went ahead and turned up at court suited and booted. Marcus, myself, wife and son. The evidence was produced and, laughably, turned out to be full of holes just as Marcus had assured me. Amongst other items, we had requested a copy of the manufacturer’s instruction manual; the police produced two copies for the wrong laser device. The police officer didn’t hold a certificate of competence to operate the laser gun. The calibration procedures hadn’t been followed correctly.

    We could hardly believe it, but its true! The police had absolutely no solid evidence, and the magistrates refused a request from the CPS to adjourn to obtain the appropriate documents. The CPS therefore offered no evidence, and the case was dismissed.

    I want to thank Marcus again for keeping me positive and giving me the encouragement to keep going in the face of such adversity. The police and the CPS displayed such arrogance and disregard for proper legal process. I’m so pleased that we toughed it out and saved my son’s driving licence!

    Speeding - Manchester Magistrates’ Court. July 2008
  • My client had been clocked by the police at 147mph on his R1 motorbike. Having lost the police three times (unintentionally) he was eventually pulled over. The incident was caught on video and my client admitted the offence before I became involved. My client contacted me to see if there was any way he could avoid a ban.

    I represented him in court and argued mitigating circumstances. The court imposed 6 points and a fine – but no ban. I must admit, even I was surprised! As far as I am aware, he was at that stage the fastest motorist in the Country to avoid a ban.

    Note: You should always be careful not to admit to an offence when first stopped by the police. The police can use your ‘confession’ as evidence of a speeding offence even if I later find fault with the camera evidence.

    Speeding - Goole Magistrates’ Court. November 2007
  • My client had been convicted in his absence of failing to identify the driver (known as a section 172 offence) and received points and a fine. He contacted me after the conviction and asked if there was anything that could be done. He stated that he did not know whether it was him or his wife who had driven the car. I was able to set aside the conviction and re-open the case (a relatively simple and straightforward procedure). As the case had been re-opened I was able to go back to the start, making sure that my client’s case was presented properly. We won at court and obtained costs from Central Funds.

    Note: Failing to identify the driver carries 6 points and a fine up to £1000. There are numerous reasons why a driver cannot be identified, and there is even a statutory defence to this charge, but it is vital to follow the correct procedure. Simply stating that your wife may have been driving probably won’t convince the court. I normally provide a list to clients of all the issues that should be checked – easy to do and certainly helpful to your case!

    If you are charged with failing to identify the driver, consider also: Could someone else have been driving your car – friends, family, work colleagues?

    Could your car have been cloned – someone else driving the same vehicle as yours with your registration number?

    Did you ever receive the Notice of Intended Prosecution and section 172 notice or could it have been lost in the post?

    Did you complete and return the s.172 notice but it was not received by the police?

    You should also be aware that it is for the CPS to prove the case against you, not for you to disprove it. This is certainly helpful to you – but you must go about it in the correct way.

    Failing to identify the driver - Bicester Magistrates’ Court. July 2007