Police forces across Wales found that 1,917 motorists and passengers were stopped for not wearing a seatbelt during a two week awareness campaign across Wales.

Officers carried out targeted patrols to stop and fine drivers and passengers for not wearing seatbelts.

The results revealed that hundreds of motorists continue to break the law across Wales including –


  • North Wales force area 563
  • South Wales force area 230
  • Dyfed Powys force area 843
  • Gwent force area 281

A similar campaign last year caught 2,163 not wearing seatbelts.

In February this year, Marcus represented a fireman who was wrongly accused of not wearing a seatbelt.

The Merseyside Fire and Rescue fire fighter denied the claim by a police officer that he was not wearing a seatbelt and chose not to pay the £60 fine and three penalty points on his license.

During the proceedings, the court heard how the fireman had previously attended a seatbelt safety court weeks for the incident and added he would never fail to take the safety measure because of the horrific scenes he sees while on duty.

The police officer told the fireman that she was out looking for seatbelt offences and had targets to adhere too.

The fireman was found not guilty by magistrates due to inconsistent evidence provided by the police officer.



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