Will my Insurance Premiums increase if I get penalty points?

One aspect of a speeding conviction that many road users do not consider (until it is too late) is the increase in insurance premiums once penalty points are endorsed.  Once a fixed penalty offer is accepted or a guilty plea is entered, there is little opportunity to back track in light of the realisation that your insurance will increase.

A speeding conviction, in relation to the totting up provisions, is active on your driving licence for 3 years, however insurance companies take penalty points into consideration for 5 years.  Please remember that a speed awareness course is an acceptance of guilt and can also lead to increased insurance premiums.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists gave the following averages in 2014-15, these approximate statistics are some 2 years old which means that, unfortunately, they will now be higher.  You must remember that each insurance company is different as is their respective car and driving history:

  • 1-3 penalty points result in 5.1% increase
  • 4-6 penalty points result in 25.8% increase
  • 7-9 penalty points result in 45.0% increase
  • 9-11 penalty points result in 81.9% increase
  • 12+ penalty points result in 89.3% increase

According to the Money Super Market, these are the top 10 locations where drivers pay more because of the points on their licences, and just how much it collectively costs them:

  • London: £8,079,529
  • Glasgow: £4,080,190
  • Birmingham: £3,423,840
  • Nottingham: £2,833,865
  • Newcastle: £2,642,079
  • Cardiff: £2,586,075
  • Sheffield: £2,535,609
  • Edinburgh: £2,070,783
  • Swansea: £2,036,358
  • Manchester: £2,026,561

If disqualified from driving, your premiums will undoubtedly increase.  If your licence is revoked, your premiums will undoubtedly increase.

If you would like any further information regarding how to avoid increased insurance premiums and a tarnished driving licence, please contact our office and one of our specialist motoring lawyers will be able to discuss your options.


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